We are looking for motivated individuals who are familiar with their local business environment and are able to set up the franchise business in a strategic area with good management and ample manpower support.

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About Baker’s Boy

Baker’s Boy was created to bring a fresh concept in the Cafe scene. Combining Mexico’s traditional recipe with a touch of International flair and Western ambiance makes it truly unique - the first of it’s kind.

We will take our customers to a different level of cafe experience, a homey ambiance, friendly staff, excellent service, fantastic food and drinks.

We guarantee you will find comfort and delight with each bun. Each sip will take you to a familiar place, a sense of home… in the midst of the city.

That’s what sets Baker’s Boy above the rest. It’s where you belong.

Our history

Baker’s Boy was established in Malaysia in 2003. It was first set up in Kuala Lumpur. With its original crispy Mexican coffee flavoured bun, it quickly gained popularity.

Baker’s Boy crispy buns’ unrivalled quality and its universal appeal has made it a top favourite amongst bread and coffee lovers in Asia. Currently, established a major presence in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, Korea and the Middle East.