Can you make your experience with Baker’s Boy remarkably worthwhile? Yes, you can. Come in as our valuable partner in business.

Baker's Boy currently offers individuals with the required experience and funding the opportunity to profit from the growth of the company through franchising. We are looking for motivated individuals who are familiar with their local business environment and are able to set up the franchise business in a strategic area with good management and ample manpower support.

Advantages of franchising Baker's Boy

Sustainable Industry: Coffee, bread, cakes, and pastries are popular and an all-time favourite among the young, especially youths and kids. The great demand and high profit margin makes Baker’s Boy an ideal franchise business venture today.​​​​​

First-class brand operations team:  Backed by strong branding and operations, there are a total of 8 departments: marketing & planning, research & development (R&D), project operations, packaging design, customer service , talent supply, logistics supply and human resources. Besides that, the store front appraisers, management team, R&D Director, senior baking division, mount pattern master and coffee making professional team ensure quality products and services as well as strong brand communications.

Wide range of product offerings: Famous for our original flavoured Mexican coffee Bun, French bread, toast, mousse cake, tiramisu, cheese cake, black forest cake, fresh fruit cake, doughnuts, French pizza, Danish bread, pastries and cookies, Baker’s Boy also serves eight kinds of coffee among hundreds of other items.​​​​

Our ongoing research for healthy options and expansion plans which includes diversifying into other products, pictures a very bright future for Baker’s Boy. We are thrilled at the possibility to be able to share and grow with you.

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